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Level up organization in any of your storage areas using Shelf Dividers on Premium and Elements Series Camshelving. Shelf Dividers protect stacked or narrow items such as vacuum sealed produce packages and squeeze bottles preventing messy spills and breakage. Also ideal for use with linens, towels, janitorial supplies, and disposable wares. Adjust and remove Dividers easily while maintaining a secure, supportive fit when attached. Maintain a hygienic environment and prevent cross-contamination with these accessories, designed with slots for air circulation. Use Shelf Dividers with vented or solid shelf plates, and with optional Shelf Rails for added security for shelf contents.

    • Prevent costly spills and stabilize stacked or narrow items
    • Available in 18”,21” and 24” (460, 540, and 610 mm) widths
    • Designed for Camshelving Premium, Metric (600 mm only), and Elements Series
    • Use with optional Shelf Rails for extra protection of shelf contents
    • Fits securely and adjusts easily with vented or solid shelf plates
    • Slotted sides allow for hygienic air circulation for perishables
    • Offers a height of 8 inches (203 mm) tall
    • Dishwasher safe

Color: Soft Gray (151)


  • The Cambro StoreSafe mark identifies storage and transport products that support safe food handling.

  • This product is safe for high heat commercial dishwashers.




CS 18" (460mm) Divider Shelf



CS 21" (540mm) Divider Shelf



CS 24" (610mm) Divider Shelf


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