Premium Camshelving® for US

Divider Bar for Camshelving

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  • Creates a custom storage unit that can accommodate a variety of storage products and sizes on a single Camshelving unit.
  • Angled and straight designs hold food pans and boxes straight or on an angle for more ergonomic reach.
  • Accommodates any size food pans from GN 1/1 to GN 1/9.
  • 18" x 26" (46 x 66 cm) Camwear® Polycarbonate Food Storage Boxes with SlidingLids™ can be used with divider bars for hygenic food storage.
  • Camracks® fit on divider bars to create a warewashing drying and storage station.
  • Divider bars fit on 24" (610 mm) wide Camshelving units and hold up to 200 lbs. (91 Kg) per shelf.
  • Divider bars feature a raised retaining edge on the front to keep racks and pans from sliding off the front of the unit.

View the Divider Bar instructional video.



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