Get access to key Cambro tools

The Cambro App provides access to key Cambro tools and resources on the go. From Personalize It! where you can customize a tray, to Fit Factory helping you cover all of your Cambro containers

Freshness Contained

Store your fruits and veggies in the safest way possible.

Fit Factory

Have tumblers, pans or boxes that you can’t find the lids for? Find them here!

Pizza GoBag Selector

Did you know Cambro makes Pizza Bags? Find the right Pizza GoBag for your pies!


Custom build your own Cambro Transporter for food or beverages.

Tray Selector

Make custom rectangular, round or trapezoidal trays for your restaurant, bar or cafeteria.


A weekly podcast spotlighting foodservice businesses’ origins, challenges and successes

Also available for iPad!

Get these great Cambro tools on your Apple iPad tablet as well.


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