Sustainability at Cambro

Our tagline, TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS, represents our heritage, but protecting the future is a top priority. Across our operations worldwide, we are committed to being environmentally responsible, designing products that promote food safety and conservation, and forming alliances with like-minded organizations to help us all lead the charge into a healthy and prosperous future together.

Our Initiatives for Energy Conservation

Everywhere Cambro manufactures – United States, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey and China —  Cambro abides by the same rules and keeps the same commitment. Cambro is doing its part to maintain your trust for many generations to come by reducing material waste,  recycling, and complying with all regulations for materials, processes and air quality standards on a local, national and global level.

  • Our German factory uses advanced technology to harness heat energy from the factory and convert it into energy to warm the cold, fresh air brought in from the outside. This provides a dramatic reduction in energy consumption throughout the winter.
  • 1,958 solar panels on the Southern California Headquarters and Manufacturing facility will generate over 1 million kWh per year which reduces greenhouse gas 18,260 Tons over a 25 year period. This is equivalent to planting over 730,000 trees. 
Solar panels on Cambro building
Durable products built to last

Our Waste Reduction Initiatives

Cambro products are built to last. By making reusable storage containers to shelving with lifetime warranties and foodservice equipment that is durable enough to withstand years of commercial use — we know that keeping them in the kitchen for the longest time possible will help keep them out of the landfill.

  • Many Cambro products, like our Non-Skid Camtrays and Reusable CamLids are designed to help our customers reduce waste in their operations.
  • Excess foil, paper and cardboard scrap are handled as raw material and sent through a recycling chain instead of being treated as trash.
  • Our California offices recycled 117 tons of paper in 2020.
  • Our City of Industry facility recycles over 38 tons of plastic shrink wrap every year.

Cambro’s commitment to sustainability focuses on three key areas: Products, Processes and People.

Food storage cart


  • Cambro is focused on developing products that support environmental sustainability initiatives such as water and energy conservation and waste-stream reduction.
  • Water conservation: The fully enclosed Camrack® system protects glassware from contamination while not in use, so glasses never need to be re-washed, dramatically reducing water, electricity and chemical usage.
  • Cambro equipment and supplies are designed for years of heavy, commercial use. This keeps them in the kitchen and out of the landfill.
  • Camshelving® is guaranteed for life to never rust or corrode and end up in a landfill.
  • Cambro electric transporters are energy-efficient and hot-holding models have been recognized for energy efficiency by Energy Star®.

Cambro factory


  • Maintaining efficient and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.
  • Continuous commitment to reduce manufacturing material waste. Usable scrap material is reground and re-processed.
  • Manufacturing facilities utilize energy-efficient LED lighting and skylights to take advantage of natural light.
  • Our German factory uses advanced technology to harness heat energy from the factory and convert it into energy to warm the cold, fresh air brought in from the outside. This provides a dramatic reduction in energy consumption throughout the winter.

Cambro worker


  • Cambro cares about the people in our company, our industry and our community.
  • We focus on cultivating alliances with forward-thinking partners: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF); Food Standards Agency (FSA); National Environmental Health Association (NEHA); Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP); Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Centers for Disease Control (CDC); American Chemistry Council (ACC); Environmental Protection Agency (EPA/Energy Star).
Cambro volunteers

Giving Back To The Community

Cambro and its employees volunteer to support local charities and provide donations to organizations when disasters strike.

  • Cambro helps support disaster relief efforts, veteran and wounded warrior programs and other organizations in serious need with in-kind donations.
  • Cambro is the exclusive provider of food storage pans to the Food Donation Connection and its Second Harvest Program.
  • Cambro works closely with disaster relief agencies around the world, such as the  Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, the World Central Kitchen, and FEMA, holding a safety stock of inventory to ensure readiness whenever and wherever disaster may strike.

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