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    Pro Cart Ultra™ Electric, Low

    The low-profile insulated holding unit that changes with your menu, Pro Cart Ultra Low safely holds and transports bulk quantities of hot or cold foods. GN food pans, sheet pans or pizza boxes all fit in this versatile, easy-to-maneuver cart.

    Camshelving® Basics Plus Series

    Camshelving® Basics Plus Series is designed to handle the utility storage needs of any foodservice operations. Easy to assemble and adjust, Basics Plus is resistant to scratching, peeling and warping, plus it features a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

    1318CC Combo Carrier

    With so much that can be done in such a small footprint, you’ll be able to experiment with your menu options and utilize the same carrier to deliver it all! You’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests and your bottom line.

    10 Tray Dual Access Room Service Cart

    The ergonomic Dual Access Meal Delivery Cart has two doors on the opposite sides, eliminating the reaching for trays in the back of the cart.

    Pro Cart Ultra™ - Electric

    The Pro Cart Ultra™ is the ultimate food transport cart that can hold all your hot and cold menu items in the same cart, at the same time!

    Camshelving® Premium Series Shelf Rails

    Keep shelf contents secure with Shelf Rails. The double rail system securely holds items in place, to prevent spills and breakage in your storage areas. Ideal for use on mobile shelving or high-density units. Available in lengths of 24” to 72”, and depths of 14” to 24”, and in full kits (2 sides, 2 ends), three-quarter kits (2 ends, 1 side), or single end or side kits


    Whether you're catering for a small picnic or an event for hundreds of people, the new UPC300 is the ideal carrier for your needs. It has all of the features that you love and trust in our classic 300MPC plus so much more!

    Camwear® Low Profile Camcovers®

    Camwear® Camcovers deliver the optimal dining experience to your patients and residents. This lightweight, low profile plate cover fits 9" plates and is ideal for use in heated meal delivery carts with limited tray spacing, maintaining an appetizing tray presentation.

    Camwear® Non-Skid Trays with Handles

    Camwear® Non-Skid Trays with Handles are ideal for use in high-traffic cafeterias. The clear non-skid surface keeps items in place, enhancing stability and safety during transport.

    Camchiller® Pellet

    The Camchiller® Pellet keeps cold foods chilled, crisp and appetizing up until delivery. Healthcare foodservice can extend menu offerings to variety of cold salads, pastas and sandwiches while delivering at optimal temperature for a pleasant patient and resident dining experience.

    The Harbor Collection

    The Harbor Collection offers a stylish tray top presentation and supports temperature maintenance, giving a patients and residents one more reason to look forward to meal time. Mugs and bowls fit the existing line of Cambro disposable CamLids® for the Shoreline Collection, making transportation safe and spill-free.

    H-Pan™ High Heat Food Pan with Handles

    H-Pan Food Pan with single and double handle is designed with convenience, safety and efficiency in mind. This food pan with handle keeps hot, battered and crisp foods in hot holding units ensuring even temperature retention, keeping flavor, texture and consistency for longer periods during service. Unique food pan design allows the heat from holding unit to be distributed evenly across the surface of the pan and directly into the food, eliminating hot and cold spots.

    EpicTread™ Tray

    Cambro’s newest service tray, the EpicTread™ Tray is a stylish addition to every hospitality operation. Its non-skid surface and colorful selection make it a wonderful way to serve drinks and food, and is also a great way to color-code for non-allergen service.

    Tablotherm Meal Delivery System

    The Tablotherm is a single-serve meal delivery system that is designed to hold a combination of hot and cold foods in one unit.

    Lido® Tumblers

    Ideal for casual dining, outdoor events or poolside, the Lido tumblers offer a clean design with the clear look of glass without the risk, minimizing the cost of replacing broken glass.

    Cam GoBox® Top Loader

    Cambro’s latest line of insulated transporters are ideal for caterers looking for an ultra-lightweight transporter that offers superior temperature retention to protect food safety and excellent durability to withstand heavy commercial use, all at a budget-friendly price. Just take them and go!

    Cam GoBox® Front Loader

    Cambro’s latest line of insulated transporters are ideal for caterers looking for an ultra-lightweight transporter that offers superior temperature retention to protect food safety and excellent durability to withstand heavy commercial use, all at a budget-friendly price. Just take them and go!

    Lido® Tumblers for Healthcare

    The 6 & 9 ounce Lido tumblers are marked with 2 ounce increments from the top down for easy patient liquid intake recording.

    1/8 Size Food Pans

    Now you can store more assortments of foods within your existing space using the first-of-its-kind 1/8 Food Pan. This 1/8 Food Pan is available in polycarbonate and high heat material and can be used in prep tables, steam tables, breading stations and sauce stations to help keep essential ingredients within reach and your operation running smoothly.

    Classic White Ceramic Ware

    Improve tray presentation and enhance patient experience with Cambro's matching ceramic ware collection. This oven, microwave and freezer-safe collection helps maintain the ideal temperatures up until delivery.

    Camwear® Non-Skid Tray

    This virtually unbreakable polycarbonate tray is ideal for use in high traffic cafeterias. The textured non-skid surface ensures items stay in place during transport.

    Camshelving® Premium Series Angled Drying Rack

    The Angled Drying Rack is a non-corrosive, versatile and sanitary drying solution that holds a wide range of newly washed products of different shapes.

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