Camshelving® Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf

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Durable and lightweight, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf is the first ever plastic sheet pan rack designed for single shelf installation. With a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, the Single Shelf Rack supports 40 lbs (18,1 kg) per rail set, up to 200 lbs (90,7 kg) per unit. Use to free up use of mobile speed racks in the kitchen and maximize storage in walk-in coolers, freezers, and/or work prep stations. Heat-tolerant rails accept sheet pans straight from a 350˚F (176˚C) oven, holding up to six full size or twelve half size sheet pans. Secure the racks to the shelving posts or together, fitting perfectly on a 24” (610 mm) deep Camshelving shelf.

  • Supports 40 lbs (18,1 kg) per rail set or 200 lbs (90,7 kg) per unit
  • 3" (7,6 cm) spaced rails take sheet pans from a 350˚F (176˚C) oven
  • Secure single shelf racks together using the universal top clip
  • Use to defrost, stage, hold or cool down food products
  • Ships knockdown with easy snap-together assembly
  • Fits 24" (610 mm) and 21" (540 mm) deep shelf
  • Holds up to 6 full size or 12 half-size sheet pans
  • Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion
  • Components are dishwasher safe
  • NSF listed components
  • Click for Racks per Shelf Reference Chart

Color: Brushed Graphite (580)


  • Listed by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization which certifies products for sanitation and cleanability.

  • This product is safe for high heat commercial dishwashers.

  • The Cambro StoreSafe mark identifies storage and transport products that support safe food handling.


(W X D X H)


Fits Camshelving Premium or Elements Series

20 1⁄2" x 24 1⁄8" x 20 1⁄4"
52 x 61,2 x 51,4 cm



Fits Camshelving Basics Plus Series

20 1⁄2" x 24 1⁄8" x 20 1⁄4"
52 x 61,2 x 51,4 cm



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