Camwear® Non-Skid Trays

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Eliminate the need for costly tray mats while reducing tons of trash each year with the Camwear Non-Skid Tray. Designed for high traffic self-service and room service, glasses and plates have greater staying power with the clear non-skid surface that will not wear out or wash off. Made of scratch and impact resistant Camwear, this tray ensures an attractive presentation year after year. Available in three bold colors and two sizes for a perfect fit solution. Safe for commercial dishwashers, stacking lugs ensure trays can be stacked securely for hygienic storage and proper air flow. Choose a Camwear Non-Skid Tray for added insurance in food delivery and safety, backed by Cambro durability!

    • Clear non-skid surface does not wear or wash off
    • Reduces spills and eliminates costly tray mats
    • Ideal for high-volume self-service
    • Designed from impact, scratch, and stain resistant Camwear
    • Available sizes: 14" x 18" (36 x 46 cm) and 15" x 20" (38 x 51 cm)
    • Stacking lugs for secure, hygienic storage
    • Available in 3 bold colors
    • 3-year pro-rated warranty
    • Dishwasher safe
    • NSF Listed
    • California Proposition 65 Warning

Color: Black (110)


  • Listed by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization which certifies products for sanitation and cleanability.

  • This product is safe for high heat commercial dishwashers.

  • Stack this product for added efficiency in storage space.

  • This product ensures a 3 year pro-rated warranty against regular wear and tear.

  • One carton of product is within the weight and cube requirements to be shipped by parcel carrier.

  • Product is not safe to use in Heated Carts.


(L X W)


Camwear Non-Skid Tray 14" x 18"

18" x 14"
46 x 36 cm


21.96 (0.83)
9,96 kg (0,02 m3)


Camwear Non-Skid Tray 15" x 20"

20" x 15"
51 x 38 cm


27.25 (0.84)
12,36 kg (0,02 m3)


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