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Adjustable Dish Caddy 33

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Enjoy unlimited versatility with the Adjustable Dish Caddy 33, storing and transporting combinations of different dishware in a single caddy. The six fully adjustable towers allow you to store plates, bowls, platters, and trays of assorted shapes and sizes together, with an incredible capacity of up to 480 plates. Holding up to 60 plates per column, Cambro can offer a wide range of suggestions in arrangement, even for custom shapes. This makes it an ideal choice for large restaurants, banquet halls, and hotels. Ergonomic, recessed molded-in handles make the ADC33 compact and comfortable to handle, with a rigid caster in the center of the unit that makes maneuvering a breeze. The Adjustable Dish Caddy 33 is the top tier of warewashing products, offering capacity and ease without compromise.

  • Stack up to 60 plates per column depending on style
  • Holds a wide range of dinnerware shapes from 11 cm to 33 cm
  • Six fully adjustable divider towers make changing it up incredibly simple
  • Store and transport a combination of dishware shapes and sizes with ease
  • Designed from durable, easy to clean plastic that is chip, dent, and rust free
  • Ergonomic molded-in handles are recessed for compact, comfortable handling
  • Features 15,24 cm swivel casters at each corner and a rigid center caster
  • Rigid center caster makes maneuvering easy when fully loaded
  • Vinyl cover included for sanitary storage
  • NSF listed
  • Not available in North America

Color: Black (110)


  • Listed by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization which certifies products for sanitation and cleanability.


(W X L X H)


76,2 x 98,43 x 90,17 cm


85.6 (25.36)
38,9 kg (0,71 m3)


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