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Hot or Cold Gel Packs
Whether you need to extend holding time or increase temperature retention, the versatile Cambro GoBags® Gel Pack provides the perfect boost to keep foods at the right temperature.

  • Ideal for hot or cold temperature maintenance
  • Non-toxic, food grade packs can be microwaved or frozen
  • Available in three sizes

Some deliveries call for extra support. Use GoBags frames to help keep your bag's shape when transporting less dense delivery items.

  • Provides extra support for GoBags
  • Fits perfectly with vinyl liners to make clean-up easy
  • Available in three sizes

Add an extra layer of protection to your bags with GoBags liners. This vinyl layer fits perfectly with GoBags frames to make clean up a snap after delivery.

  • Preserves bag material in case of spills
  • Lifts out for easy clean-up
  • Available in three sizes

Thermal Pads
Need to deliver both hot and cold items in single bag? No problem! Thermal pads separate hot and cold products by creating an insulated barrier inside your bag.

  • Barrier keeps hot and cold foods from taking on the other's temperature
  • Maintains hot or cold temperature
  • Reduces space in bags with small orders
  • Available in three sizes 

Color: Black (110)


Gel Packs
GELHC57 Gel Hot Cold Pack Small 5" x 7" 1
GELHC711 Gel Hot Cold Pack Medium 7" x 11" 1
GELHC1014 Gel Hot Cold Pack Large 10" x 14" 1
Thermal Pads
GBTPSM Small Thermal Pad 10" x 14.5" 1
GBTPMD Medium Thermal Pad 20.5" x 14" 1
GBTPLG Large Thermal Pad 27.25" x 21.25" to 21.5" x 15.5" 1
GBLSMCLR Small Liner 13.5" x 9.25" x 7.75" 1
GBLMDCLR Medium Liner 14" x 9.25" x 12.5" 1
GBLLGCLR Large Liner 20.5" x 14" x 11" 1
GBLXLCLR Extra Large Liner 21.5" x 15.5" x 17.25" 1
GBFSM Small Frame 13" x 10 x 9" 1
GBFMD Medium Frame 13" x 9" x 13 1
GBFLG Large Frame 18" x 14" x 12" 1



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