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Camwear® Colander Food Pans

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Camwear® Colander Pans ensure that refrigerated produce and pre-prepped food stays dry and less susceptible to spoilage by allowing condensation and drippings to drain away. This convenient set-up allows an operator to rinse, drain and store all in one pan. Liquids drain directly into the Cambro food pan below for easy disposal. The colander simply lifts out of the food pan, allowing quick removal of any liquids. CW Colander Pans can be used with CW Cover with Handle or Flat Covers

  • Colander pans improve product safety through reduced handling.
  • Liquids drain directly into the food pan below for easy disposal.
  • Camwear colander pans are ideal for prepped produce, storing seafood on ice and defrosting meats.
  • CW Colanders withstand temperatures from -40°F - 210°F (-40°C - 99°C) making them ideal for use in prep tables, and other refrigeration units.
  • California Proposition 65 WARNING

Color: Clear (135)


  • Listed by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization which certifies products for sanitation and cleanability.

  • This product is safe for high heat commercial dishwashers.

  • Stack this product for added efficiency in storage space.

  • Personalize this product for added value.

  • One carton of product is within the weight and cube requirements to be shipped by parcel carrier.

  • This product ensures a 2 year pro-rated warranty against regular wear and tear.

  • The Cambro StoreSafe mark identifies storage and transport products that support safe food handling.


13CLRCW Full Size - GN 1/1 3"
7,6 cm
6 10.75 (1.52)
4,88 kg (0,043 m3)
15CLRCW Full Size - GN 1/1 5"
12,7 cm
6 14.40 (2.0)
6,53 kg (0,06 m3)
23CLRCW Half Size - GN 1/2 3"
7,6 cm
6 5.0 (0.77)
2,27 kg (0,022 m3)
25CLRCW Half Size - GN 1/2 5"
12,7 cm
6 7.80 (0.99)
3,54 kg (0,028 m3)
33CLRCW Third Size - GN 1/3 3"
7,6 cm
6 2.4 (0.53)
1,09 kg (0,015 m3)
35CLRCW Third Size - GN 1/3 5"
12,7 cm
6 5.61 (0.69)
1,12 kg (0,019 m3)
63CLRCW Sixth Size - GN 1/6 3"
7,6 cm
6 2.25 (0.26)
1,02 kg (0,008 m3)
65CLRCW Sixth Size - GN 1/6 5"
12,7 cm
6 3.09 (0.33)
1,05 kg (0,009 m3)



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